Are you worried you may have a leaky roof? Water damage and mold are not only costly to fix, but they can cause health problems for you and your family.
Because of this, it’s important to inspect your roof and home for signs of roof leaks – and the sooner the better.
Do you want to know what to look for? We have you covered. Keep reading to discover 5 telltale signs of roof leaks.
1. Water Spots
Water spots are likely the first thing you’ll notice when something has gone amiss, especially if they appear in high traffic areas like the living room or bedroom. These light brown spots are most common on the ceiling, but they may also be on the walls and floor.
The size can also give you a clue as to how bad your leak may be. Generally, the bigger the spot, the bigger the leak.
However, water spots don’t always point to a leaky roof. If you notice the water stain getting bigger each time it rains, it’s likely from a roof leak. If not, there may be another cause.
2. Damaged Shingles
Damaged shingles are one of the most common signs of a roof leak. This can come in the form of curling or buckling shingles.
As the names suggest, curling shingles are when the corners lift and curl away from the roof. Bucking shingles are when the center buckles and creates a gap between the roof and the middle of the shingle.
Both problems allow water to seep into your roof and may cause water damage.
3. Missing Shingles
Did you just experience a hurricane or harsh storm? You may want to check your roof for missing shingles.
Similarly to damaged shingles, missing shingles give rain a clear path into your home. If you notice any missing shingles, you should call a roof repair company immediately.
4. Moisture in the Home
Have you ever been walking through your home and felt a wet spot on your carpet? You look up and see a tiny drip coming from your ceiling.
Drips and moisture on the walls are both potential signs of a roof leak. These may go away on their own, but you should still have your roof checked to avoid the problem worsening.
5. Mold
If you suspect a leak, you should be sure to check your attic. Since this will be the first area affected by a roof leak, the signs may be clearer here.
Mold and moisture are both things to look for, as well as water stains on the walls, ceiling, or floor.
As scary as mold is, it may not be caused by a roof leak. Some attics don’t have adequate ventilation, so mold and moisture could also be caused by condensation which occurs naturally throughout the year.
Signs of Roof Leaks
Discovering the signs of roof leaks is never fun. But, if addressed quickly, you can fix the damage before it worsens.
If you think you have a leaky roof, contact us today. We employ a team of skilled roofers in the Portland, OR area that can determine if your leak was caused by a problem in your roof, and fix it to give you peace of mind for years to come.