Residential roofing is by far our most skilled trade. Out of all the services we offer this is the one that we have the most experience in.

Roof Replacement

Here at Tough Roofing Portland, roof replacement is our number one specialty when it comes to residential roofing services in Portland, OR. We have been installing new roofs for homeowners around the Portland area for years now, and in that time we have developed quite an expertise for it. We are able to execute a high quality new roof replacement in a relatively short amount of time, keeping it affordable to you. So when you are ready to get a new roof replacement, don’t hesitate to give us a call 971-213-4217

Re Shingling and Repair 

Sometimes people just need a simple repair of a few shingles or fixing a leak in the foundation. Whatever that repair may be, we will always be there to solve the problem. It is very important to fix the leaks or repairs that need to be done as soon as they happen.

Sometimes a roof just needs to be re shingled versus a full replacement, and we offer that service as well. If the structural integrity of your roof is still in good shape, then it is just a re-shingling. If the foundation of the roof is damaged, then you will need a full roof replacement. If you are unsure about what your roof needs, go ahead and give us a call so that we can come take a look. It’s free to get an estimate.