While you probably will not be installing a PVC roofing membrane yourself as a home or business owner, it is important to have a basic understanding of how it is installed. 

Importance of Proper Installation

With any roofing material, making sure that your PVC membrane is installed properly is a key factor when it comes to the longevity and proper service of your roof.  PVC membranes that fail early, tend to do so because of improper installation. It usually has little to do with the product itself. That is why we recommend you have a professional roofer like us do the installation. 


Before installing the PVC membrane, there is usually some type of insulation board put in beforehand. The two types of insulation most commonly used are ISO or EPS foam board. It is important to have insulation because it saves energy by reducing heat loss. 

Different Ways of Installing A PVC Roof 

Full Adhered Assembly

A PVC membrane is attached to the substrate using a special adhesive. Even though this is a quick and easy, there is a big disadvantage to this method. If condensation forms beneath the PVC membrane, it will cause the adhesive to come loose. If that happens, the membrane will be prone to wind blow off. 

Mechanically Attached Assembly

One other possibility is to mechanically attach the PVC roof to the substrate with heavy duty screws and barbed plates, and this holds the down tight. With this type of installation even hurricane level winds won’t tear off your roof. If the building is located in a high wind area it is best to go with the mechanically attached method. 

Ballasted Install 

In a ballasted installation, a PVC roofing membrane is laid across the substrate loosely, rather than being fastened or glued in place. The membrane is held in place with a ballast, which is typically made of washed river rock, manufactured concrete pavers, or other materials of substantial weight.


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